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3rd EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures

October 12–14, 2017 | Bucharest, Romania


Day 1 - Thursday, 12 October 2017

8:00 - 9:00


9:00 - 9:30

Welcome Coffee

9:30 - 10:00

Opening Ceremony

10:00 - 12:00

Keynote speeches I—III

Prof. Ramjee Prasad, “Future Wireless Communication Era”

Prof. Nenad Filipovic, “Computer Risk Prediction for Atherosclerosis Develop-ment in the Coronary Arteries”

Dr. Marius Iordache, “Telco network evolution for the future 5G servi-ces” (Orange, Romania)

12:00 - 13:30

Welcome Cocktail & Lunch

13:30 - 14:15

Keynote speech IV.

Prof. Hana Bogucka, “Spectrum Sharing and Aggregation for 5G and Beyond”

14:20 - 16:00

Room 1

Special session on Computational Modeling & Invited Papers

(Chairs –Dr. Corneliu Burileanu, Dr. Nenad Filipovic)

- Recent Experiments and Findings in Baby Cry Classification (invited paper) Elena Diana Şandru, Andi Buzo, Horia Cucu, Corneliu Burileanu

- Autonomous System for Performing Dexterous, Human-Level Manipulation Tasks as Response to External Stimuli in Real Time (invited paper) Ana Neacsu, Corneliu Burileanu, Horia Cucu

- Prediction of Coronary Plaque Progression Using Data Driven Approach Bojana Andjelkovic Cirkovic, Velibor Isailovic, Dalibor Nikolic, Igor Saveljic, Oberdan Parodi, Nenad Filipovic

- Assessment of machine learning algorithms for the purpose of Primary Sjögren’s syndrome grade classification from segmented ultrasonography images Arso Vukicevic, Alen Zabotti, Salvatore de Vita, Nenad Filipovic

- Optimization of Parameters for Electrochemical Detection: Computer Simulation and Experimental Study Marko Živanović, Danijela Cvetković, Nenad Filipović


Room 2

Technical Session 1—Emerging IoT Technologies

(Chairs – Dr. Eduard Popovici, Dr. Alexandu Vulpe)

- IoT Perspective by Data Anonymization for Wearable Medical Devices Raluca Maria Aileni, George Suciu, Carlos Alberto VALDERRAMA SAKUYAMA, Se-ver Pasca, Rodica Strungaru, Alexandru Martian

- Pesticide Telemetry using Potentiostat George Suciu, Alexandru Ganaside, Laurentiu Bezdedeanu, Robert Coanca, Stefania Secu, Alexandru Martian

- SmartGreeting: A new smart home system which enables context-aware services Ana Maria Claudia Dragulinescu, Andrei Dragulinescu, Ioana Marcu, Simona Halunga, Octavian Fratu

- Quantitative Theory of Signal Inversion in RFID Dan Tudor Vuza, Reinhold Frosch, Helmut Koeberl, Idlir Rusi Shkupi, Marian Vladescu

- Smart Pharmacy: Towards Efficient Healthcare Ecosystem Sadia Anwar, Ramjee Prasad, Bhawani Chowdhry

16:00 - 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 -18:30

Plenary Room

Round Table "Innovative Cybersecurity Public Private Partnership" Chairs: Prof. Iulian Martin, Teodor Lupan

19:30 - 23:00

Gala Dinner



Day 2 - Friday, 13 October 2017

8:00 - 8:45



Plenary Room

Keynote speech V—VI

Dr. Onoriu Bradeanu, “The developing story of 5G: from networks to the con-nectivity system”

Thomas Wrede, “SAT>IP: Live Satellite TV over in-home IP Networks” (SES, Luxembourg)

10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break


Room 1

Special Session on Multimedia Security and Forensics

(Chairs– Dr. Radu Ovidiu Preda, Dr, Ioana Marcu)

- Efficient Transform Coefficient Coding in HEVC Claudia Cristina Oprea, Radu Ovidiu Preda, Ionut Pirnog, Robert Alexandru Dobre

-Investigation on a Multimedia Forensic Noise Reduction Method Based on Proportionate Adaptive Algorithms Robert Alexandru Dobre, Constantin Paleologu, Cristian Negrescu, Dumitru Stanomir

-A New Approach in Creating Decision Systems Used for Speaker Authentication Vlad Andrei Carstea, Robert Alexandru Dobre, Claudia Cristina Oprea, Radu Ovidiu Preda

- Encrypting multimedia data using modified Baptista's chaos-based algorithm Octaviana Datcu, Radu Hobincu, Mihai Stanciu, Radu Alexandru Badea

10:45 - 12:25

Room 2

Technical session 3—Wired and Wireless Network Challenges

(Chairs – Dr. Ion Marghescu, Dr. Alexandru Martian)

- Implications of network resources and topologies over SDN system performances Valentin Rakovic, Bojan Velevski, Liljana Gavrilovska

- SDWN for End-to-End QoS Path Selection in a Wireless Network Ecosystem Eugeniu Semenciuc, Andra Pastrav, Tudor Palade, Emanuel Puschita

- Innovative Platform for Resource Allocation in 5G M2M Systems Alexandru Vulpe, George Suciu, Simona Halunga, Octavian Fratu

- Architecture of a Wireless Transport Network Emulator for SDN Applications Development Alexandru Stancu, Alexandru Vulpe, Simona Halunga, Octavian Fratu

- Analysis of Relay Selection Game in a Cooperative Communication Scenario Razvan Craciunescu, Simona Halunga, Albena Mihovska

12:25 -14:00



Room 1

Technical Session 4— Radio Access and 5G Networks

(Chairs – Dr. Nicolae Militaru, Dr. Carmen Voicu)

- LDPC Coding Used in Massive-MIMO Systems Cela-Roberta Stanciu, Carmen Voicu

- A Preview on MIMO Systems in 5G New Radio Razvan-Florentin Trifan, Constantin Paleologu, Andrei-Alexandru Enescu

- Microwave Microstrip Antenna Bio-inspired from Dendritic Tee Bogdan-Mihai GAVRILOAIA, Marian NOVAC

- Estimation algorithm for Large MIMO System Carmen Voicu, Madalina Berce-anu, Simona Halunga

- 5G challenges, requirements and key differentiating characteristics from the perspective of a mobile operator Elena-Madalina Oproiu, Catalin Costea, Marius Nedelcu, Marius Iordache, Ion Marghescu

14:00 - 15:40

Room 2

Technical session 5— Novel Application Developments

(Chairs – Dr. Petraq Papajorgji, Dr. Constantin Paleologu)

- Social Media Cloud Contact Center using ChatBots George Suciu, Adrian Pa-sat, Teodora Usurelu, Eduard-Cristian Popovici

- Using off-line handwriting to predict blood pressure level: A Neural-Network-Based approach Mihai Gavrilescu, Nicolae Vizireanu

- On the Regularization of the Memory-Improved Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm Roxana Mihaescu, Cristian Stanciu, Constantin Paleologu

- Sign Language Translator System Razvan Craciunescu, Alin Florian Stoicescu, Octavian Fratu, Simona Halunga

- Neural Network based architecture for fatigue detection based on the Facial Action Coding System Mihai Gavrilescu, Nicolae Vizireanu

15:40 -16:10

Coffee Break

16:10 - 18:10

Room 1

Special Session on Optoelectronic devices and applications thereof in communications domain

(Chairs – Dr. Marian Vlădescu, Dr. Paul Schiopu)

- Optoelectronic method for increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in mass spectrometry for urinary disulfoton identification Genica Caragea, Radu Alexandru Macovei, Paul Şchiopu, Marian Vlădescu, Florin Grama, Maria Gabriela Neicu, Mihai Ionică

- Performance improvement of a multi-head optical wireless communication system Viorel Manea, Sorin Puscoci, Dan Alexandru Stoichescu

- Key Aspects of Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Signaling Using Visible Light Communications Alina Elena Marcu, Robert Alexandru Dobre, Marian Vlădescu

- Optoelectronic method for determining the aluminium involved in symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  children Elena Truţă, Ana Maria Daviţoiu, Ana Mihaela Mitu, Alexandra Andrada Bojescu, Paul Şchiopu, Marian Vlădescu, Genica Caragea, Luminiţa Horhotă, Maria Gabriela Neicu, Mihai Ionică

- Studies on the Transient Behaviour, Continuous Regime and Pulsed Regime of High Power LEDs Dan Tudor Vuza, Marian Vladescu

- Real - time spatial light modulated digital holographic interferometry applied in art structural diagnosis Adrian Sima, Paul Schiopu, Marian Vladescu, Florin Garoi, Victor Damian, Bogdan-Mihai Gavriloaia

16:10 - 18:10

Room 2

Technical Session 2—Security Aspects in communication systems

(Chairs – Dr. Gheorghe Gavriloaia, Dr. Mircea Popescu)

- Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Wired USB Keyboards Alexandru Boitan, Răzvan Bărtusică, Simona Halunga, Mircea Popescu, Iulian Ionuță

- Considerations on estimating the minimal level of attenuation in TEMPEST filtering for IT Mircea Popescu, Răzvan Bărtuşică, Alexandru Boitan, Simona Halunga, Ioana Marcu

- Intelligent low-power displaying and alerting infrastructure for secure institutional networks Alexandru Vulpe, Marius Vochin, Laurentiu Bo-icescu, George Suciu

- Integrated Software Platform for Mobile Malware Analysis George Suciu, Laurentiu Bezdedeanu, Cristiana Istrate, Mari-Anais Sachian, Houssam Boukoulo, Corentin Boscher, Fabien Souleyreau, Eduard-Cristian Popovici

- Security Risk: Detection of Compromising Emanations Radiated or Conducted by Display Units Răzvan Bărtusică, Alexandru Boitan, Simona Ha-lunga, Mircea Popescu

- A Hybrid Testbed for Secure Internet-of-Things Ștefan Arseni, Alexandru Vulpe, Simona Halunga, Octavian Fratu

18:10 -18:30

Plenary Room

Closing Ceremony