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2nd EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures

October 24–25, 2016 | Belgrade, Serbia

The FABULOUS 2016 Conference caters for a limited number of workshops on dedicated session topics. The aim of these workshops is to discuss work in progress and explore opportunities for new research related to a topic of interest within the context of the conference.

Proposals will be evaluated regarding relevance and anticipated interest, and should include Workshop title, presenter information, abstract, and intended audience.

A workshop proposal should contain:

  • Title of the workshop
  • A brief description of the specific technical issues that the workshop will address
  • The reasons why the workshop is interesting and timely
  • A draft call for papers, including the workshop submission deadlines
  • Tentative composition of the organizing and program committees

Presentations delivered during the workshops are based on papers that have been selected through peer- review process. Accepted workshop papers are included in the Conference Proceedings. Best workshop paper publications may be included in various Transactions or other journals.

Workshop #1: Future access networks (FAN 2016)

Workshop Chair: Prof.Veljko Milutinovic, Serbia

The workshop will comprise topics such as 5G access networks, self-organizing networks, ad-hoc networking, cognitive radio systems and dynamic spectrum access.

Workshop #2:  Enablers of future smart infrastructures (EnFuSI 2016)

Workshop Chair: Prof. Emil Jovanov, USA 

The workshop will comprise topics such as wireless sensor networks, M2M and D2D communications, smart environments.

Workshop #3: Data Mining, Big Data and Cloud Computing (DaMBiC 2016)

Workshop Chair: Onur Mutlu, Carnegie Mellon University

The workshop will comprise topics such as cloud computing, software defined networking, big data and security.

Workshop #4: eHealth and Biomedical engineering (HeBiEn 2016)

Workshop Chair: Prof. Dimitrios Fotiadis, Greece  

The workshop will comprise topics such as practical realizations of smart Internet of things,  eHealth, assisted multi-modal learning, biomedical engineering, ICT in sport etc.

Proposals for workshops should be at most four pages in length and must be submitted by electronic mail to: Aleksandar Peulic.